The One-Two Punch

Airing LIVE every Monday at 10pm

The One-Two Punch features two Emerson College sophomores, Damon Turbitt and Charlie Greenwald, as they debate sports from a youthful, comic perspective. This is Emerson’s only sports talk show where having the better punch line or comeback is just as important as having the better point! Damon and Charlie are close friends and have excellent chemistry together, as well as a dry sense of sarcasm that provides plenty of comic fodder for their discussions and arguments. The two are also well-known across campus for their incredibly handsome facial features…and they fully expect their listeners to just take their word for it.

Catch re-airs:

Sun at 7pm | Mon at 2pm | Thurs at 11pm | Fri at 7pm | Sat at 1pm | Daily at 6am

(All times Eastern)

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